Remediation Services

Cleaning up a contaminated site can be complex and often proves to be challenging in many ways. Attention must be given to the practicality of the remedial plan, the costs of corrective actions, site disruption, timing, and the desired clean-up goals for any remediation project, all of which are typically driven by regulatory requirements. G&S’s technical staff has vast experience in providing remediation services in residential, commercial, and industrial settings throughout the southeastern United States. We are always looking at innovative solutions and cutting edge technologies to provide our clients with cost effective and efficient approaches to remediating a site. G&S has proven capabilities in soil vapor extraction, air sparging, dual phase extraction, bioremediation, air stripping, in-situ treatment, passive barrier wall treatment, free product recovery, material stabilization, ex-situ treatment, and source removal. Many of these projects have been completed under state-funded clean-up programs and Brownfield redevelopment sites. G&S has developed a solid reputation in the regulatory community for successful clean-up projects and we are recognized as a trusted partner by our clients. We work closely with all vested parties to drive timely and successful remediation projects so that we can protect our client’s assets and limit their risk in any situation.

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