Environmental Services


Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

G&S has extensive experience in performing due diligence for property transfers throughout the southeastern United States. Our staff realizes the time sensitive nature of these studies and completes them in an efficient manner allowing purchasers adequate time to make business decisions while considering potential issues and risks that may be discovered during the due diligence process. G&S completes all Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) in accordance with the latest ASTM standards. We work with our clients to provide non-ASTM services during the Phase I ESA process and in many cases we apply client-specific requirements to our assessment process. Understanding that each client has unique challenges, the G&S team brings the right experience to any Phase I ESA and provides high quality due diligence services on a consistent basis.

Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

When the findings of the Phase I ESA identify the potential for adverse environmental impacts to a property, additional investigation in the form of a Phase II ESA is often warranted. The G&S team can provide turnkey subsurface investigation activities for the collection of soil, groundwater, sediment, and multimedia materials during the Phase II ESA process. We have the knowledge and internal equipment to provide drilling services, monitoring well installation, soil and groundwater sampling, geophysical surveys, underground storage tank closures, and aquifer performance testing. Our demonstrated experience through the completion of hundreds of Phase II ESAs allows us to perform under tight timeframes and within restricted site conditions, while addressing multiple onsite concerns concurrently.

The G&S technical team is always “thinking outside of the box” during field activities and we will make onsite adjustments to our approach based upon real time encountered site conditions. The information collected from the Phase II ESA along with the technical guidance of the G&S environmental professionals is translated into reports that present our findings and professional recommendations. This information is utilized by the client to make appropriate business decisions regarding the property, including additional assessment, corrective actions, beneficial use of the site, and financial considerations.

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