Geotechnical Engineering

Starting with Phase I & II ESA and site acquisition, G&S’s Geotechnical division works with owners, developers and their project teams including architects, engineers and contractors to evaluate and anticipate subsurface conditions and determine how the soil will respond to proposed structural loadings. We identify potential construction problems and help you effectively assess project risks and costs and evaluate if and how a site can support the planned project.

Based on the results of subsurface evaluations, our engineers provide detailed recommendations for site development, foundations, floor slabs, pavements, utilities, earth retention systems, retaining walls, slopes and other site features. Our experience leads to practical yet innovative engineering solutions that help reduce construction time and costs and improve overall performance.

Tank Closure Assessment

G&S preforms all closure reports in compliance with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Chapter 62-621 F.A.C Rule. We can complete closure reports on tank removals, tank upgrades, tank abandonment, and close in-place projects.

G&S performs Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) in general accordance with ASTM 1527-05 Standard. G&S can perform a phase I ESA in 5 to 7 business days. If recognized environmental conditions are identified, G&S can preform a Phase II ESA on the subject property. All Phase I & II ESA are conducted by a licensed Professional Geologist, this allows for the reports to be reviewed by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, U.S. EPA, or local environmental agency.

Contamination Assessment

G&S has years of experience performing contamination assessments on petroleum and hazardous waste contaminants. G&S conducts soil, soil gas, groundwater, and surface water sampling to fully delineate contamination plumes. G&S can complete remedial action system plans, construction, and operation and maintenance.